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Our brand new APP is like a first-aid kit for America


We're putting it into the hands of savvy Christian moms! 


In this APP, WOMEN will learn to MASTERFULLY INFLUENCE today's toughest cultural conversations, which can HEAL the political divide...WITHOUT "getting political". 

"This App will transform America!"
- Dr. Ming Wang, M.D., Ph.D. (Harvard & MIT)

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Lady Up America

  • You're TIRED of being "canceled" if you don't agree with someone with an opposing viewpoint.

  • You're HUNGRY to heal relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and even your own children.

  • You're DONE with feeling helpless as our nation spirals towards Socialism. 


This is not about trying to "mediate" between the left and the right.

It is not about "going along to get along".

Not at all!

It's more about gracefully guiding people to their own "ah-ha" moment as the blinders come off and we restore our shared IDENTITY as an American family

This App offers a modern, graceful, and quick methodology for teaching you HOW to embody the essence of a peacemaker (not a peacekeeper) in our challenging political climate. 


It's time for less talk about division in America and a LOT more action in healing it.


How Do We Do It?


Learn to SIMPLIFY the talking points and opposing viewpoints in today's news cycle and understand them quickly and easily.


Learn to establish trust quickly and in a genuine way so that you open hearts and minds to "want" to hear what you have to say. 


Learn to engage in & exit a difficult conversation in a way that does not escalate, but instead makes a lasting and important impact.

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From Dr. Ming Wang
President of our Founders Club

"Our nation is unprecedentedly polarized and divided. We are so fixated on our differences rather than appreciating what we all have in common as fellow Americans. Divided we will fail, but reunited we will succeed!


The Lady Up America App is what we all have been waiting for, a practical and easy-to-use App that explains the reason why we are divided today, what are the 7 founding values of this great nation that we all share, and the methodology through which we can identify the common ground and work together again.


The App will help women learn the common ground-seeking STEPS and the SALT method to work with people who have different opinions and how to separate positions from persons.


The App is a must-have for all Christian conservative women across this country today, as it will equip them with the much needed and essential knowledge and skill as to how to reach out and build bridges and relationships with the four groups of our citizens that we need to connect much more effectively with and, at the same time, who are becoming increasingly important for the future of this nation, i.e., women, youth, minorities, and immigrants.


This App will transform America!"


-- Ming Wang, MD, Ph.D., President of the Lady Up America Founders Club.

We tested our techniques with a BETA class of world-class leaders, who were very skeptical, and after 2 months they came out of the Academy as Believers!

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