"I'm a mom who has fought incredibly hard for my son over the years. When politics shockingly divided us and divided so many of my friends from their kids, I went into tunnel vision the last 2 years for a solution." - Diane Canada

Many people will recognize Diane Canada as the songwriting Host of the TV Show, Nashville Unleashed, but she exploded onto the political scene in 2020 running for TN State House of Representatives in Nashville's Davidson County, a very progressive District.  As a first-time candidate with all the odds stacked against her, Diane shocked everybody by nearly winning, finishing at 46% of the vote.


She studied very hard for that race and is a recent graduate of the Heritage Foundation's Political Leadership Academy out of Washington, D.C. and she also holds a certificate from Hillsdale College in The Constitution.


She served on the Mayor's Minority Business Advisory Council; served as the Political Advocate for the National Assn of Women Business Owners; served as the Public Relations Chairman for the Nashville Republican Women's Club; she was voted Volunteer of the Year for teaching the entrepreneurial program in the maximum-security TN Prison for Women; serves as a founding Board Member of the American Bible Project; serves on the Board of the Tennessee Immigrant and Minority Business Group.


She has a long & successful background as an entrepreneurial business consultant with expertise in both launching new businesses and resuscitating companies in crisis, with an emphasis on women-owned businesses.


Diane is a professional songwriter and her music is currently licensed and can be heard in the background on major television networks. Her own television show, Nashville Unleashed, showcased Nashville's professional songwriters and aired on several US networks, reaching 100 million households. It was then syndicated in the USA, the UK, and New Zealand for 2 years.

  • Songwriting taught Diane the power of words and the art of crafting a message that connects.

  • Two Decades of Entrepreneurial Leadership in business war zones taught her how to bring calm to crisis, to win buy-in from hostile people, then gracefully guide everyone to a safe landing.

  • The political arena taught her the intricacies of government, shed light on the real reasons behind the division, and provided a deeper love and appreciation for our country.

This makes for a perfect brew to start a modern movement; equipping moms to take the lead in the healing of our beautiful country.


Sheree Ames
Director of Operations

Sheree brings important insights to our company, balanced with her unrelenting faith and her innate ability to connect with people in a heartfelt way. During her years homeschooling her stepson, she volunteered in adult literacy and she served as a counselor at a faith-based pregnancy crisis center.


After raising her son, she pursued a degree in Social Work, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lipscomb University.  Upon graduation, Sheree worked for the District Attorney General’s Office in Nashville, but discovered that she could be a more effective change agent by approaching the challenging issues of our day from the front lines.


She has been involved in local activism efforts to improve the community, alongside her beloved husband, Kenny, and was also instrumental on Diane's campaign team for Tennessee State House of Representatives. She is now working alongside Diane to help reunite our country.