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"I'm not a Christian Conservative because I did everything right, but rather I did a LOT wrong and came to my own realization that God's ways are better...they just are."
- Diane Canada

Is The Common Theme
In Diane's ENTIRE Body of Work

As God was healing her own heart after tragedies in her life, which she transparently shares in her book, Lady Up & Don't Quit, Diane was healing companies in crisis as an early Medical Management Consultant. 


She moved to Nashville 22 years ago and as her professional songwriting career took shape, she helped to heal the hearts of listeners from all over the world, touring with Nashville's songwriting royalty, and creating a popular Television show that centered around songs that heal.

After losing her brother, a Special Ops Marine with tours in Afghanistan, Diane ran for the Tennessee State House of Representatives campaigning to heal a broken system for veterans who suffer from PTSD. 


As her political campaign shockingly divided her from her adult son, she became determined to find real-world solutions to heal the political divide in our country, which resulted in creating the Lady Up America APP.

Diane is a graduate of the Heritage Foundation's Political Leadership Academy out of Washington, D.C. and she also holds a certificate from Hillsdale College in The Constitution.


Diane nearly won her race for the TN State House of Representatives, as an underdog in the Republican Party, finishing with 46% of the vote in a very divided District. She was somehow able to appeal to Independents and Moderate Democrats.


Diane serves or has served on several Boards:

  • The Mayor's Minority Business Advisory Council

  • The Political Advocate for the National Association of Women Business Owners 

  • The Public Relations Chairman for the Nashville Republican Women's Club 

  • Voted Volunteer of the Year and serves on the Board of BEST where she teaches entrepreneurship in the maximum-security TN Prison for Women 

  • Founding Board Member of the American Bible Project 

  • The Board of the Tennessee Immigrant and Minority Business Group


Diane's TV show, Nashville Unleashed, syndicated in over 100 million households and 3 countries for 2 years.

  • Songwriting taught Diane the art of crafting meaningful words that connect people.

  • Rescuing businesses in crisis taught her to bring calm to chaos & win favor in hostile environments.

  • The political arena taught her the real reasons behind the political division and provided a deeper love for our country.

  • Experiencing God's healing for herself taught her that love is the only answer; not love as a "feeling", but love in action. 

This makes for a perfect brew to start a modern movement for the healing of our country.