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Marxism Simplified

This if from PragerU and it's amazing! 

Hillsdale College

Take these free and VERY well-done online courses to become more equipped about America, our Constitution, and history.

Understanding Jim Crow Laws

Understand the origin, history, and political climate concerning Jim Crow Laws

The American Bible Project

Stephen Skelton is putting the 1st American Bible back in schools. I'm so proud to be a part of this foundation!

Form For Employer

For those being "forced" to take the vaccine in order to keep your job, this is for you, care of TN Stands

TN General Assembly Bills

These Bills have to do with gender, critical race theory, etc. and are trying to protect TN students from radical ideology

Black Entrepreneur Initiatie

Help us help the black community to rise out of poverty, to start businesses and release their dependency on the government. 

Your Senator or 


Find out who represents you in both State and US Congress. Reach out to them and get in touch. They want to hear from you! 

Nashville Republican Women

Visit the club that I belong to here in Nashville. Come to an event and get plugged in so that you can be more informed and make bigger impact. 

917 Society

Joni Mitchell is putting handheld Consitutions into the hands of middle school students all across our country. Help her efforts so that our young people know their rights and are more informed.