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Lady Up & Don't Quit

Lady Up & Don't Quit

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ORDER a signed copy of Diane's book HERE or an unsigned copy directly from AMAZON


Learn to turn life’s tragedies into FUEL rather than KRYPTONITE.


Diane has a theory that all believers have a purpose and are a part of God’s army, but some of us are the Navy Seals or the Special Forces in God’s Army. Some of us are put through much harder testing, we walk through much deeper valleys, and we are put through much more frequent challenges because we are being conditioned for a higher call on our lives.


If you feel that you’ve been tested and tried more than most, there’s a good chance you’ve just been in SEAL training. Read along as Diane shares her jaw-dropping stories and how they have led her to a life of immovable faith.Learn to find the beauty in the pain.Learn to rise when everything inside of you wants to quit.

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