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Big Win For America Today Inside the Supreme Court's Ruling on Trump Staying On The Ballot

Trump Will Remain On The 2024 Ballot Across All 50 States This Election Season

Diane Canada Lady Up America Big Win For America

Today's decision at the Supreme Court regarding Trump remaining on the ballot was 9-0! A unanimous decision was reached that individual states cannot choose who is on their ballot and who is not. No matter how people may feel about Trump, this is a major win for our country today against the radical left.

The thing that is so sad to me is that this case should have never been brought to begin with. Have you ever heard the phrase "throwing out the baby with the bathwater"? This is what this current Administration reminds me of.

In their blind hatred for Trump, they are willing to try and dismantle our fundamental Institutions that literally hold up the roof of our Republic. Trump will come, go, and hopefully come into Office again. But, no matter who comes along next as a candidate for President, the attempt to erode our Republic was slapped down today.

My hat is off to the Supreme Court! Next, we will look forward to seeing the remainder of the flimsy-at-best cases against him follow suit with their next ruling this May on his Presidential immunity factor. If they rule in his favor again, which they likely will, it should make his other cases crumble, as well.

It's time we look at policies, not personalities, as the load-bearing walls of our Republic and take the hammer out of the hands of those trying to knock them down.

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