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A Note From Diane

"When my 2020 campaign season for State House of Representatives ended, my phone started blowing up from moms and grandmothers terrified over the direction of our country.


Women began begging me for guidance on what they could do.


After being up-close-and-personal to politics for the last several years, I have concluded that there is NO CAVALRY COMING...


that the power to recover our country for our children and grandchildren lies more in the hearts of everyday people...


specifically MOMS!


I think moms have superpowers when it comes to influence around our kitchen tables, in our communities, and in the workplace. 

There is no magic wand we can wave to instantly restore our nation.


However, there is tremendous power in the name of Jesus and His authority, which we inherited, in the fight between good & evil.

God's values are not old-fashioned. They are timeless.


Teaching people to return to them is our nation's only sustainable hope to ensure the land of the free for our children, so QUITTING is NOT an option."

- Diane Canada


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