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The Presidential election will be here before we know it and all the emphasis will be on GOTV. I see SO many Republican groups who scramble at the 11th hour, but that doesn't have to be you! 


What if you had some GOTV GOLD this time around???

Your group can quickly learn a better way to WIN HEARTS, MINDS, & DEPENDABLE REPUBLICAN VOTES in the toughest political climate of our lifetime.


door knocking.png


If you lead a Republican Women's group and you want to get AHEAD of the election, get your team trained NOW so they have a chance to master the INFLUENCER skills I teach in the APP, which will make GOTV sooooooooo much more effective!!!!!


When your group knows not only the “talking points”, but they know HOW to influence with them, AND can teach others to influence with them, that's a serious game changer!!! 

2 Options Available




  • On the FIRST FRIDAY of each month, invite women into your living room or GOP headquarters. 


  • Have them download the Lady Up America APP and get familiar with it before arriving 

    • The APP will provide ongoing training in between the LIVESTREAMS


  • Connect your laptop to the        big-screen TV where I'll teach for 30 minutes


  • Turn off the TV when I'm done and lead your group in discussion and role-play what you've learned



  • Select a venue of your choice - doesn't have to be fancy - but think about how you'll provide breakfast snacks and lunch - could even be a potluck.


  • Don't worry about A/V (microphone, speaker, etc) because I bring my own! Believe me, I've got this down to a science! :) 


  • Schedule the event from 9am until 1pm

  • This will be an incredibly effective day of training for your team!


BCGOP Event.jpg

I REALLY enjoy the half-day events! Here's a picture from one we did for the Beaufort County GOP in North Carolina last year on my Lady Up America TOUR! Shoutout to Carolyn and her team for a successful event! I miss you ladies!!!

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