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We offer corporate training workshops for realtors, sales teams, C-suite executives, and department/project leaders.

This can be in the form of a lunch & learn, a workshop, a leadership retreat, or an all-day training event. 

Give your team a unique and engaging experience that is quite a welcomed departure from traditional seminars. Bring in the Lady Like Leaders to seriously up your team's emotional intelligence, ability to win business, and overall culture climate. 


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Let's have a conversation to explore ways we can serve your team!

Diane's Topics

Overcome the Overwhelm

  • Learn to manage “you”, not “time”, for maximum productivity

  • Let intention drive your decisions; not fear

  • Operate from a place of stability rather than always putting out fires

  • Know your true north in turbulent waters to quickly regain control

  • Inspire people to action rather than forcing solutions

Multiply You:

  • Protect your bandwidth so you don’t run out and burn out

  • Design your day with intention to reach key benchmarks

  • Keep all the plates spinning effortlessly

  • Achieve work/life harmony, not balance

Lead With A Quiet Confidence:

  • Develop a no-nonsense and yet inspiring leadership style

  • Get results without getting aggressive

  • Learn to stop second guessing your decisions

Janna's Topics

Attract vs. Chase Your Clientele

  • Build relationships; not transactions

  • Get great at improv to master the sale

  • Overdeliver with a servant heart & treat your client like family

  • Become the trusted advisor

Dazzle Your Listener:

  • Your words matter; learn vocal tone and pacing for maximum impact

  • Master different age and gender speak

  • Use body language to command the room to win business or buy-in

  • Brand YOU for all media platforms

Talk It Out:

  • Know the 4 styles of communication to best relate to all members of your team

  • Keep drama away with clear and concise communication

  • You’re the leader, now talk like one

  • Keep your team tuned in, rather than tuned out, to what you have to say

Tracy's Topics

Thriving Culture and Happy Teams

  • Short term and long term strategies to reduce turnover

  • Effectively coach others through change

  • Be teachable...the best leaders are students first

  • Unlock your team’s potential; Celebrate the wins, motivate growth, and unify the team

Know You, Be You:

  • Embrace your personality style using the DISC Model of Human Behavior

  • Leverage your strengths, motivators, and triggers

  • Identify how others are “wired” to more quickly establish common ground

Be A Workplace To Watch:

  • What top performing workplaces do; and how you can too!

  • Stop the turnover bleed; attract and keep top talent

  • Change is inevitable; growth has to be intentional

Let's Connect!

We would love to have a conversation to explore ways we can serve your team!

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