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Retreat Postponed

Some incredible news about our Founders Club President, Dr. Ming Wang, has resulted in our Retreat having to be postponed. Dr. Wang's movie about his life, SIGHT, has been picked up by Universal Studios and will begin promotion in Theatres across America beginning April 14th.


Diane is working with Dr. Wang on the promotional aspects of the movie as we near its release in October, so since this now begins on April 14th, it means postponing the Retreat.


Our apologies for the short notice, as we just found out ourselves. The new date will be announced soon. All ticket holders will have the option of a refund or a redirect to the new date.


This will be an important, inspiring, and relaxing weekend! Walk away with an entirely new sense of clarity on how to peacefully navigate the toughest political climate of our lifetime.


You'll have LOTS of FREE TIME in between our interactive group events. Take out a canoe, hike the nature trails on site, or just sit quietly and take in a few private moments with God.

This is a time for healing in our country. This Retreat will train you to be the healing agent in your home, community, and your corner of the world!

Peace, confidence, and authority over the enemy are our inheritance from Jesus. Walking that out at the practical level is contagious.

Join us & help to gracefully win our communities back to God so He will heal our land


In our group events, you'll learn a new approach to quickly winning hearts, minds, and lifelong conservative voters...with FINESSE!

As a group, we'll enjoy a bonfire, a sunrise stretch, plenty of southern comfort food, special music moments, and a deep breath of fresh air!

As you relax and become more hopeful, you'll leave with a genuine ability to inspire others.

Here's What You'll Walk Away With:


Oh, Did We Mention...

A large portion of your Ticket price will be directly applied to scholarships that help underprivileged children attend the Barefoot Republic Summer Camp for FREE! This is a life-changing experience for children to enjoy the full benefits of the camp with children from many races, ethnicities, and nations. They will feel the love of Jesus for 6 whole weeks and make lifelong friends.

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