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On the 1st Friday of each month, Diane locks arms with Christian women all across the nation via LIVESTREAMS, to support each other, share wisdom, and to expand on the Lady Up America techniques. These live streams take place inside the Lady Up America APP only and are a great way to learn and practice in safe groups.  

Here's How To    Join In The Fun!

Bright Living Room

Step #1

Invite A Few Friends Over

Think of a few girlfriends you have who share your Christian faith and political viewpoint.


Invite them over for coffee, tea, and light snacks on the First Friday of the month.


*Be sure to check inside the APP to double-check the date

Pouring Coffee
2023 App Graphic.png

Step #2

Set Your Friends Up For Success

Ask your guests to download the free version of the APP and get familiar with the concepts before the viewing party.


It'll be much more enjoyable for everyone if they have been exposed to the concepts ahead of time. 

2023 App Graphic.png
connect laptop.png

Step #3

Watch On Your Big Screen TV

  • Log in using the same username and password you use for the Lady Up America APP on your phone.

    • As the HOST, make sure you have subscribed to either the $15 monthly "Lady Boss" or the $89 annual "Serious Influencer" paid plan to access the living room viewing parties.

  • Navigate to the "Viewing Parties With Diane" section. Click the livestream button and you're in!

  • Project the LIVESTREAM to your big-screen TV by connecting an HDMI cable to your TV from your laptop. You can pick one up at any Walmart.

  • Say "hi" in the chat and tell us what state you're in!

cast to tv 2.png
Modern Living Room

Step #4

Lead A Discussion Afterward

  • Go around the room and ask friends to share their biggest take-a-way

  • Have fun role-playing a scenario using a lingering question of your choice from the catalog inside the APP

  • Share a success story you've had in applying the techniques at next month's party

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