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On the 1st Friday of each month, Diane locks arms with Christian Conservative women all across the nation via LIVESTREAMS, building on what she teaches in the APP. Women tune in monthly on their own or HOST small viewing partiesThese livestreams take place inside the Lady Up America APP for paid subscribers. 

Host A Viewing Party In Your Living Room

  • Think of 5-10 conservative girlfriends you have and invite them over on our coordinated monthly dates. 

  • Ask them to subscribe to the APP and get familiar with the concepts before the living room session

  • Project Diane's 30-minute LIVESTREAM to your big screen TV in your living room (It's easy…we'll show you how)

  • After the LIVESTREAM, turn off the TV and lead a private discussion with your guests on what you learned. You can also practice the concepts with each other.

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