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Lady Up America with Diane Canada

Welcome to the Lady Up America Community of Christian Conservative Moms

This is where moms level up their influence with their family and friends, gracefully winning them to conservative values, and motivating them to vote.

I'm Diane Canada and I want to warmly welcome you to my official BLOG!

I'm really glad you're here!

If you're a Christian conservative mom, you are THE most motivated and THE most qualified to win the ones you love back to our founding values, but you are likely struggling with the "HOW". You want to take a stand and raise your voice for good, but what you end up with is a raising of your blood pressure and not much else. Well...THAT all changes today!

Train At Your Pace & In Your Way

I would highly recommend you download the Lady Up America APP in your Google or Apple store! This is where you'll find:

THE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE: To level-up your influence with friends and family. Learn on-demand at your own pace. There are short, 5-min training videos from me, there is downloadable content, and weekly tests to gauge how much you've learned.

THE WEEKLY PODCAST: Where you can not only listen on the go, but also see the video version of the show.

Have our Lingering Questions Catalaog at your fingertips. This will make more sense after you take the challenge, but it is the GOLD to our tactical approach to winning people to our values. I can't wait to share this with you!

Join our monthly Living Room Livestreams where me and my friends livestream with you and your friends in your living room as a hybrid way of joining hands across the miles.

Enjoy the community of like-minded moms without fear of censorship or party crashers.

There's so much more, so please, download the APP today and join us!!!

Learn to become a modern-day YODA, only waaaaay prettier!

There is NO CAVALRY coming out of Washington! WE are the cavalry! We can win our culture back, one powerful conversation at a time, at scale!

We don't have a moment to waste. Our kids and grandkids are counting on us! Download the APP today in either your Google or APPLE Store. I'll see you inside the APP!


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